Mid Seven Transportation exists to solve our customers’ shipping issues. Our customers rely on us for safe, timely pick-up and delivery of their freight. At Mid Seven, we understand fully that hauling your load is a trust. There are many ways to approach the job, at Mid Seven, as with everything else we do, we ask the questions, “How can I make this interaction better? How can I improve someone’s life?” Sound like a lofty goal? After all, it’s just freight, right? NO! It isn’t just freight, our customer called us to solve a problem that they couldn’t solve themselves. Looked at from that perspective, it’s a high honor to be trusted to that extent.

When we can tell a shipper, “Yes, we’ve got it.”, their stress is decreased. They can focus on other things. They shouldn’t have to continually check behind a carrier (if you have to do that, you have the wrong carrier). We have the best contractors and drivers in the flatbed industry, and our office staff has many years of experience meeting the needs of our customers. “We’ve got this.”

We offer a variety of:

  • 53’ step deck trailers
  • 53’ low-profile step deck trailers
  • RGN trailers
  • 48’ and 53’ flatbed trailers

Let us know what you need – it’s our job to get it done.

Contact our inside sales professionals at or call 515-333-4177